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Summer will be here soon and it is time to plan for your dock needs.  With Alumidock docks you could be first on the lake,  most installations don't require you to get tnto the water.  The above dock was installed in early May along with three other neighbours using their Alumidock docks.


Upgrading Old Docks


0ld Dock

The above installation was added to an old wooden dock to expand the play area for a family.

 The dock above is in need of replacement, it has rotted wood, splinters, and  very heavy  to install. 

  The above dock was replaced in May    with a 5 foot  wide and 80 foot long        Alumidock.

         Slideshow of Installations

The above dock is the replacement for the wood dock destroyed in the storm.  We were able to use the old wood dock for a walkway.

The wood dock you see floating was lost in a  storm and replaced with the new aluminum dock you see to the left.  Notice in the        picture below the two Alumidock docks held firm with no damage.                    

 Same Storm, notice how the two Alumidocks are      holding strong, also note that the wind broke a 20  foot section off the top of the flag pole. 

              Recent Installations 

       Did your Dock Float Away last                     Spring?  Most of Ours Did

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