Alumidock's Leg Docks are easy to install, stay cool to the touch, even on the warmest days.  They will remain secure during storms and will last for a very long time.     


Leg Docks



Old Dock Still Looks New

   The dock above is over thirty years old.  It continues to hold over 10,000 pounds of boats day in and day out. High water, storms have never been a    problem for the dock.  There are three miles of open water in front of the dock.

Quiet Inlet

     This dock holds a 22 foot  pontoon boat, along with a small row boat.  Installation is      quick and easy.

New Dock

This is a simple installation that fit a family's water needs.  Their pontoon boat has yet to be put into the water for the summer.

 High Water

Because this dock can be easily  installed in the spring, it is not uncommon for this lake to have  water levels much higher than normal summer levels.

Dock Remains Strong

   Notice the waves comming up and over the dock.  Try this with  your old wooden dock.  All the boats remain secure.

Stays Solid In Waves

  Wave action does not affect the dock's stability.


                 New For 2021

      White Cedar Wood Inserts


Easy Winter Storage

Floating Docks

Ramps and Gangways

Ramps are available in width sizes of 32", 36", 42" and 48", with standard lengths from 12' to 40'.

They have a 2,000 lbs. distributed load capacity.